How To Dress Up When Pregnant

How To Dress Up When Pregnant

Congratulations to all the would-be-mothers! Since now you’re pregnant, you might be spending jittery nights about motherhood. Wait! Before you get tensed about babies’ nappy changing or feeding, try and focus on the beautiful you for the next nine months.

Make yourself feel beautiful and what could be a better head start than the clothes you wear! Go ahead and revamp your wardrobe! Women are always known to feel good with clothes, so shouldn’t you be reveling when the time is so special!

Maternity clothes have gone beyond those sloppy, flimsy night gowns. Now fashion and comfort dressing can definitely go hand-in-hand during your pregnancy. Let me share some tips with you of looking like a yummy mummy!

Bring on the jeans

Though you can easily wear that favorite pair of jeans in the first trimester, you might have to undo the first button for the second trimester. Try and get a pair of stretch jeans or attach a pair of hooks and make them look like dungarees. These never look odd and also support the bulge well. For later stages, try and wear boot cut jeans rather than the skinny or slim fit ones. The flares always take the attention.

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Classy tops and kurtas

This is the time to bring on those hip length and knee length loose kurtas or tunics. They will go well with your leggings, patialas or jeans. The loose fit camouflages the bulge. It would be better to get them in block prints and floral motifs. Single solid colors are plain and easily draw attention towards the bulge.

Empire line kurtas and baby doll tops are also a big recommendation. These kinds of clothes flare near the abdomen making the fall of the dress look natural and blowy. Try and avoid straight fit tops and kurtas as they tend to highlight the baby bump.

Trousers look sophisticated

Be it office or any formal occasion, a loose fitting top would go well with a neat pair of trousers. However, wearing trousers underneath the belly is quite uncomfortable and one might feelnauseated. Hence, I would recommend you to wear them with belly supports. These are easily available in maternity clothing stores. It’s good for mothers, both who carry child on upper or the lower part of the belly. The belly support always provides support and adequate cushioning without making one sick.

Stay stylish at home with kaftans and ponchos

Kaftans look cool and above all fashionable. The drape of the clothing is loose making the clothing look quite classy, yet comfy. If you’re a pajama person, then ponchos are a must for you. They are comfortable, extremely classy and stylish. Trust me, you’ll not feel odd when an impromptu guest arrives to congratulate. You can team it up with a neat pair of trousers and jeans for a quick outing as well.

Apart from the above tips, accessorizing is also important to look stylish. Hence, always play around with bags, beads and shoes before you step out!

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