How to Deal with your Unfulfilled Sexual Desires

It is rightly said that the greatest battles are not fought on the battlefield, but behind closed bedroom doors. Sexual incompatibility is not uncommon in married couples, especially in India, where pre-marital sex is still frowned upon. Many couples get married and discover their mismatched drives. The desire for a fulfilling life, both emotionally and physically, is something that both men and women share. You and your partner might strike a great rapport emotionally, but physically it might be a completely different case! When the frustration becomes evident it can even lead to serious steps like separation and divorce. But worry not, as we tell you how a little understanding and patience can solve this problem.
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Do not set too high expectations
Do not set too high expectations

To have "certain" expectations from your partner is very normal for anyone about to get married. But setting too high hopes or comparing every move with a romantic novel or movie might lead to heartbreaks and frustration. While focussing on your dream images, you might even be ignoring some nice gestures by your partner. They might be making up for their imperfections in many ways, but you might fail to notice. Think of your life together as your own “romantic movie” and see the pleasant surprises that come your way!

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