How to deal with an introvert spouse?

How to deal with an introvert spouse?

Question: I need help to understand my introverted fiancée. She does not speak with me at all and I run out of things to talk about. We don’t talk much when we meet and I am not sure about what she is thinking. I have asked her on many occasions and have always encountered weird responses like she is not feeling good to talk or she does not talk much. What should I do?


Answer: In general, introverts do not express as much emotion as extroverts. Although they don’t express emotions such as happiness, anger or excitement it does not mean that they are experiencing it at all. Although dealing with introverts is not easy you can quickly adapt to the situation by accepting her for who she is. Tell her that you appreciate everything about her and would love to have her open up to you so you can understand her better. It might help to read more about introvert personality but it is better to let her get comfortable with you and opens up to share her life and problems with you than discussing this as an issue right away. It is all about striking the right balance and also remember the old adage which says that “opposites attract”. Love means acceptance, introverts and all. If you feel that she is not outgoing it is quite certain that the feeling will only grow over time. Try to spend more time with her and give each other space at the necessary times so your relationship can grow over time. The only way to make her feel comfortable and talk to you about her problems is to encourage her to express herself and listen to her when she does.

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