Home Remedies for Dry, Chapped and Dark Lips

Home Remedies for Dry, Chapped and Dark Lips

Climate change and pollutants can wreak havoc on those rosy lips and make them look like wilting petals. Apart from looking dark and drab, they can also hurt a lot. With some attention and home care, one can easily revive and rejuvenate them. All this can be done without resorting to those expensive over-the-counter lip balms. Try these grandma’s sure shot home treatments to heal those dry lips and make them healthy and rosy like before.

  • Moisturising is the key to lips good health. Well moisturised lips fasten the cell renewal process, thereby lightening the lips. Hence, use of glycerin can be a good start, a thin coat of it can help heal the lips.
  • Applying the cream of fresh milk can have dual benefits on dry and dark lips.
  • Rubbing Vaseline petroleum jelly is an age old treatment for those dry, chapped lips and is sworn by many till date.

  • Indian women also rely on clarified butter or ghee to soften those parched lips. They are definitely tried and tested cure.
  • Honey, which is believed to have anti-bacterial and moisturising properties, is often applied on lips. However, when mixed with lemon juice or milk cream, it does wonders as a lightening balm for those lips.
  • Aloe Vera is not called the miracle plant for nothing. Extensively used for many health treatments, it can also be used as an effective lip softening agent. Rubbing lips with a coat of aloe vera gel can soften the lips.
  • Coconut oil and milk, both are quite good for nourishing lips. While coconut oil replenishes the lips, the latter helps in lightening them. Castor and olive oil can also be used to soften lips.
  • Many people apply mustard oil in their naval to heal dry lips.
  • Applying almond milk or almond oil for an hour can help ease the dryness of lips after cleaning lips.
  • Some experts even suggest the usage of beetroot, pomegranate and coriander juice for pink lips.
  • Indian remedy of raw turmeric powder mixed with milk cream is known as a wonderful lightening agent for dark lips. Equal portions of gram’s flour and turmeric powder can also be used to lighten the lips. However, this is not a good remedy for dry lips as gram’s flour dries the lips even more. If the mix is applied, then the lips should be treated with heavy double cream to moisturise lips after washing the mix.

Other than climatic factors, lifestyle and associated factors are also primary reasons for dry and dark lips. A little change in your diet and lifestyle can give your body and lips a healthy glow. Try and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetable, with adequate intake of water to hydrate your lips and keep dryness at bay. Also restrict tea, coffee and smoking as they contribute in darkening lips.

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