Glamorous Bridal Makeup by Vidya Tikari

In conversation with Vidya Tikari, the expert makeup artist with a flair for bringing out the best in a person. She is an absolute favorite with the Indian brides, particularly in Delhi where Vidya is the reigning queen in the field of bridal makeup.

1. What prompted you to get into make-up and styling?

When I was around 5, an aunt of mine gave me a big box of her discarded makeup because she was leaving the country. Mesmerised by those broken tubes of shiny lipstick and cracked eye shadow, I knew this is what I was born to do. My first client was my cat. I put green eye shadow on her eyes and painted her lips red and paraded her around with a scarf tied around her head.

After school I didn’t know what to do with my life. My father suggested that I pursue makeup and off I went to beauty school for 2 years in Australia. On my return to India, my photographer uncle put in a reference for me for freelance makeup artists with models Rahul Dev and Aparna Kumar. That's how I started out.

2. You are originally based in Delhi and are a pan-India phenomenon. No plans for expansion to other cities?

I have two studios in Delhi, and opened another one in Gurgaon last year. More than expanding fast, it is extremely important to me that Vidya Tikari Studio remains synonymous with exemplary makeup. Each and every makeup artist that works here has been personally hand-picked and trained by me. So, even though I get many offers for franchises, etc., I'm careful about the alliances I get into, as I'm not interested in becoming a makeup factory.

3. How can about-to-be married brides benefit from your personal grooming courses?

In India, new brides usually find themselves in the spotlight, and sometimes, even under scrutiny. As such I'm happy to see people experimenting with makeup, but very often, I see them with a slew of mismatched products and tones on their faces.

Instead of wasting time and money on learning through trial and error, they can get professional help through my Personal Grooming Course. The course will help to: master correct makeup application and removal techniques; learn what makeup products and colours work best for your skin-tone and texture; as well as master makeup looks for different times of the day.

4. How do you decide the bridal look for your client brides?

Before deciding on a look, I take into account everything from the client’s personality, outfit, skin-tone and type, to the face shape and features that need to be highlighted, and whether it's a day or night wedding.

5. What bridal looks are going to be popular for Monsoon wedding season 2013?

Airbrush makeup base is going to be popular for the Monsoon Wedding Season 2013. Because, being very light, it won't slip off; and being extremely fine, it gives a flawless, barely there, natural look.

For the eyes, one can play with shades from purple to green. There's a lot of pink happening in the outfits, which will be reflected in the makeup. So, instead of peachy, coral tones, you'll have English Rose pink cheeks, and translucent glossy lips in very light reds or very pale pinks.

6. Talking about weddings, the classic bridal look, according to you is:

The ‘classic bridal look’ comprises of a strong base, and glittering, shiny makeup in hues of red and gold. There's also lots of mascara, kohl, extended eye liner, and bright red lips.

7. In Delhi circles, you’re an absolute hit amongst the dusky brides. What is the secret behind the magic?

I believe every skin tone has its own beauty and know how to bring it out. Some dusky brides ask me to make them look several shades lighter on their big day. I tell them that duskiness is not only sexy and beautiful, but also that by using base which is more than two shades lighter than their skin colour, there will be a high chance of their skin appearing grey. 

8. Do you also take up destination wedding assignments?

 From weddings in Turkey and Dubai to Rajasthan and Punjab, I've done many.

9Top 3 beauty tips for our brides-to-be:

  1. Go beyond the normal manicure-pedicure routine and pamper yourself with Hot Stone Hand & Foot Therapy. It’s the ultimate indulgence for your hands, legs and feet.
  2. Creating quite a flutter among brides-to-be are permanent lashes. They are applied with a much stronger adhesive than the traditional fake lashes. They come in various lengths, colours, thicknesses and will give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes. They are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions.
  3. Consult a good dermatologist at least six months before your big day to take care of any skin problems that you may have. For a dazzling smile, don't forget to also get an appointment with your dentist

10. What are the packages available for soon-to-be-brides at Vidya Tikari Studio?

Please call the studio at  011-41635074, 011-41630940 or send a mail to for more information on our beauty & makeup services for brides-to-be.

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