Emotional Journey Of A Woman During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a sweetly difficult time for a woman. There is no other event in her life that is as emotionally and physically transforming as this. It comes with a mixed bag of feelings, ranging from joy of becoming a parent to the tensions regarding the baby’s health and upbringing. The anxiety is much higher, especially, if this is your first pregnancy. So, let’s take a walk through the emotional ups and downs, which you would experience during your pregnancy.
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Mixed bag of emotions during the first trimester
Mixed bag of emotions during the first trimester

When you find out about your pregnancy, feelings of thrill and anxiety begin to unfold within you. Everyone gathers around to congratulate you, leaving you with a sweet and confused smile on your lips. As you try to come to terms with the news, everyone begins to give you their lists of dos and don’ts. Indeed, it is a good idea to seek advice from your elders.

The first trimester is also characterised by the thoughts of whether you can take care of your baby or not, and also with the fear of a miscarriage. Many women experience extreme mood swings, as well.

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