Different Types of Bra for Different Occasions

Gone are the days when brassiere or bra was only considered to support your assets. From necessity to luxury, bras have traversed a long path. From those tacky looking tunic kinds to lacy, velvety and finally wonder bra, bras are a style statement now. They not only add beauty, but also serve the purpose. A well fitted bra can do wonders to that look and feel of yours, while a shabby one can make you morose. Check out the list below to get an idea of what you are missing.

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Full Cup
Full Cup

This covers your breasts completely, offering a proper support. This kind is more preferable for outfits where any amount of exposure is not required.
Use: This style of bra works for all women, but is especially great for women with larger breasts. The bra has underwire which cups, lifts and separates the breast for the support that is needed.

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