Causes of Mood Swings in Women

Mood swings are experienced by both men and women but known to be more common in women. Mood swings are sudden changes in emotions. Variations are immense, unpredictable, and dangerous and can lead to psychological problems. The frequency of the disorder varies from woman to woman. You might be eager to know the reason behind this mood change.

Problems in our day to day life can lead to stress. When you are unable to handle stress, fatigue, and anxiety, it leads to mood swings. Stress is caused due to trauma, loss, family problem, work and marital problem and failed relationships. Prolonged stress and mood swings can increase the risk of depression. The body produces more fight or flight response during stress. This increases hormone levels and also heart rate and blood pressure.

Bipolar disorder
Many women have mood swings but women who suffer from bipolar disorder suffer mood swings that are more extreme than normal. There can be switches from feeling of despair, hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness, etc. to feeling like they own the world and extremely happy. The disease is called bipolar disease due to the fact that people who suffer from it keep alternating between extremes when it comes to their moods; there is no in-between.

Pregnancy is a happy moment for all women. But mood swings during pregnancy can make it seem like you are in a rollercoaster ride. One moment you are excited, and another moment you feel anxious and sad. Hormones are the reasons for these ups and downs. It is usually caused during the first trimester of pregnancy as the hormones in the body fluctuate.

Premenstrual syndrome
It is the physical and emotional discomfort a woman has to face prior to their menstrual cycle. Symptoms like anxiety, irritability, depression, forgetfulness, etc. are common. It can affect your day to day life. Hormone imbalance and inadequate intake of nutrients may also result in PMS.

It is the stoppage of reproductive years for women. During Menopause your body stops producing hormones that triggers ovulation and menstruation. There is constant fluctuation of hormones like estrogen and progesterone which affect our mental health. Serotonin level is controlled by hormones. If the level of serotonin is high, your mood is high too. If it is low, then your mood is low. Symptoms can be hot flashes, being cranky, exhausted, sleepless nights, etc.

Mood swings can be frustrating. However, life style and dietary changes can help you. Try to focus on good things which lift your mood, like shopping, wearing bright colored clothes, etc. Talking to friends can also be very helpful as friends make you laugh. It can be a good way of stabilizing your mood. Getting support and love from friends and family can help in chasing away your dark days. 

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