Best Colour Theme Ideas for Your Wedding

A wedding is not just a union of two people but also a celebration of life. Of course, you want this celebration to reflect who you are. For those who want to portray their stylish tastes in wedding decoration and also stay within the budgetary constraints, the best way to do is to play with colours and lots of colours. Colours set the perfectly playful and auspicious ambiance for a wedding.

Those who want their wedding to be a spectacular ensemble of everything fashionable, high class and glittering, choosing the right colour is the first step to implementing the drop-dead gorgeous theme. After all, right colours make a theme. Let us check out the hottest colour trends this season and the various moods that these combinations will create at your Big Day.


There are various shades of pink and each of them creates a different effect on the overall décor. The colour pink lends a blissful and joyous touch to your ceremonies. But it has been stereotyped as a girlie colour so please seek your groom’s approval before using it as a dominant colour.

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Red, Yellow and Green 

These are the traditional Indian wedding colours and with a touch of metallic colours, create an amazingly awesome scene of bright splendour on your wedding day.

Brown and Green

This combo reminds you of trees, right? Well, it is the best way for the environment conscious people to make a statement at their wedding while appearing every bit in love with each other as brown and green diffuse a lot of warmth.

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The theme will help you strike a balance between appearing traditional and luxurious at the same time. Throw in vivid colours in strategic places to heighten the effects. Do not forget to use lots of antiques, tapestries and candelabras, as these will add glamour and drama to the scene.


You just cannot miss lavender or its sister shades like violet and lilac because they are the colours of this wedding season. More and more people are taking to reflecting a classy taste with the unbeatable combination of white and lavender. We suggest you to use sunflower yellow and lavender, the darker shades of them for your wedding.

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Royal Blue and Muave

These two colours look good on a white setting with lots and lots of glitters at various places. The kind of royal and classy style and will set the spirit of jubilation all around.

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