7 Signs He will Marry You

Women tend to panic when they do not see a similar amount of seriousness or rather commitment levels in their partners. They freak out believing that their partner is either not interested or possibly hooked up somewhere else. Wait! Before you hit that alarm, try and check for signs again. Are you reading those signals properly or are you just being too ignorant about them?

Worried? You have no clue what these signs are? Do not worry! Just follow these simple tips and you might read his signs accurately.

1) More than “I”, it is “we”
Do you find your man quoting “we” more in his sentences than “I”? This might be the biggest sign. He definitely wants to be with you. He wishes to see himself with you and so the “We”. He might not be very expressive and polite in proposing, but it does not matter. If he quotes “we” or “us”, then you can chuck the proposing thing all together.

2) Sharing responsibilities
When your boyfriend starts taking responsibilities for every little thing then you know he is serious. If he is keen on sharing your work, striving hard to meet your challenges, helping you in difficulties, then you know that he is trying to transit from boyfriend to husband. This is when you know that he is all set to commit.

3) Finances are cleared
Nothing is more eye-catching than seeing your man getting his finances in order. If he is doing it and letting you know, then be sure that the question is about to be popped very soon.

4) He starts behaving boring
Is your boyfriend behaving in a very boring way? Does he talk of work, commitments and future planning, which includes you as well? When he behaves in this routine monotonous way, without any pretensions, you know he is committed. This is a strong sign that shows that he sees his future with you and not without you.

5) Too many introductions
Is your boyfriend keen on introducing you to his close family members and friends? Does he want you to behave in a certain way so that they like you? This conveys that he is serious and wishes to be your husband, very soon. He wishes to project you as his would be and so the endless instructions and codes of conduct.

6) Long term plans
Is your man constantly discussing as to how he sees things five or ten years down the lane? Are you a part of his bigger picture? If yes, then it strongly highlights your presence in his life and his need to be with you forever.

7) You are a permanent invitee
Do you find people quoting that he is always seen with you? Then it is time to learn that you are the only one for him and that is why he is taking you everywhere with him. Right from his parties to family functions, you have suddenly become his permanent invitee. This suggests a lot more than mere commitment.

With these tips in mind, I am sure women will not underestimate their partners and reciprocate accordingly. Good luck!

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