6 Ways to Turn Him On

Now you too can pick up the art of seduction to turn on your man easily. An hour glass figure and a perfect skin are not the only short cuts to your man’s heart as you might have thought. Most men like women of substance rather than style alone.  Here are a few handy tips to lure your man and to conquer his heart.

1) Take care of your looks 
A good figure and well groomed look will make your man, your fan instantly. Sweat it out at the gym, spend some time at the spa, eat a well balanced diet and enjoy all those well deserved raves that follow.  Men are more attracted to a natural look rather than an over made up face. So use, minimal make-up that matches your skin tone. You can disguise the minor skin flaws by using a good foundation and blusher. Drinking plenty of water and including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet are all easy options to keep your skin soft and radiant naturally.

2) A sexy voice
Men love sexy voice. So, it would be a good idea to master the modulation techniques to make your voice soft and sexy. Men do go weak at their knees at the husky sound bytes of their loving partners.

3) Perfect lips
Shapely lips are signs of female sex appeal. Women with luscious lips and a good mouth have always been popular among men. Though most women tend to get overanxious about their lips and do corrective surgeries, a bit of lip art and clever make up can give you a sexy, full lip appearance.

4) Waist and Hips
An hour glass figured body is a blessing for any woman, as she can drive men crazy with a perfect figure with oodles of feminine charm. Do not lose heart even if you do not fall in this league of perfect figure women. The right dressing techniques can even off the minor flaws and give you a shapely structure. Make sure to wear the correct sized dress and use matching accessories like belt to highlight your figure. Women with a full figure should opt for single coloured dresses and colours like black will make them look slim.

5) Eyes
A beautiful pair of eyes that convey a lot of emotions is something that every man find irresistible. Wear a proper eye make up like an eye liner and mascara to highlight your eyes and make them look beautiful. 

6) Legs
Most men are attracted by a shapely leg with neatly clipped nails. Ironically women spend more time on face care rather than on their foot care. Cracked heels and chipped nails are something that can keep men away. So make sure to keep your feet in good shape with regular massage and pedicure. Neatly painted nails and stylish high-heel footwear would make your legs sexy and appealing.

So, use these simple tips that will not just attract your man but will make you an elegant and gorgeous personality.

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