5 Ways to have a Great Time before Making Love

Making love is not only about the act. It is also important to create the desire; the key is to lead and be led confidently and let the bodies communicate. Experts are of the opinion that intimate acts before sex are indeed important for emotional and physical connection between couples. So, although you’re forgiven if you are indulging in a quick one, when you have ample time in hand, do pamper your partner with long and delicious intimacy. 

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Unzip, Unhook and Caress
Unzip, Unhook and Caress

Generously caress and then undress your partner. While it is easier to undress on your own, it is better you initiate and remove your partner’s clothes and seduce them with your ‘one step at a time’ approach. Wriggle your hands into each other’s tops/t-shirts/shirts before pulling them off. Unzip, unhook and take a moment to look at each other’s bodies (don’t gawk!) and shower some words of appreciation.

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