5 Things That Change About Sex After Marriage

Believe it or not, sex life post-marriage certainly changes. But, marriage is no death sentence for your fun-filled, carefree days. Not everything post-marriage will suck out happiness and excitement from your sex lives. There will be a few sunny days and few rainy ones; you need to embrace both and not overdo the expectations bit. Brace yourself by being informed about what is bound to change in your “let us make love now-here-there-everywhere” routine. Trust us; there is a good side to it too. 

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Trade chores for sex
Trade chores for sex

This is one of the good things that happen to married couples. You can barter sex for some household chore that needs to be done. Lure your partner into doing the dishes or picking children from school and reward them with a hot oil massage, steamy hot shower concluded with a love making session. Think of other stuff you can give them in reward to reinforce such a likeable and generous act of sharing household work. 

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