5 Things Men Never Notice during Sex

Often women worry too much about what men may or may not notice during sex. Will he notice I have lost/gained weight or the new berry-blast lip gloss I am wearing, or the lacy lingerie I stacked my closet with? Too many questions keep tossing your brain left, right and center, right? But, ever thought what he would 'never' notice while you are busy making love? Well, if no then find out here, things men never notice during sex.

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Bubbly breast shape
Bubbly breast shape

Just remember, only you know whether your breasts are of the same size or are now full of fat, it is of no consequence for men. Men get doubly excited to be near you and will not bother finding out the shape and size of your breast. You should let go of what he thinks about them and savour the moment. He may be worrying about his size at the back of his head too! So, seize the opportunity and enjoy the moment of ecstasy.

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