5 Signs that Your Girl Wants to Make Love

However well you may think you know your woman, she will always surprise you. Women are known to be very moody and unpredictable. Even in the bedroom, it is sometimes very difficult to read her mind. Her body language and mannerisms may be completely different from what she actually desires which may leave you hanging midway. But on the other hand, if you are smart enough to catch the signs of provocation, you might get lucky every time! Here are the top 5 signs indicating that your woman wants you to get into the action.

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When you get back from a busy day at work and find your wife or girlfriend wearing the best innerwear she owns, be ready for a night of uninterrupted love. No woman will just wear sexy lingerie if she doesn’t have something going on in her mind. Even if you are out for party or a casual outing and she starts becoming a little touchy and feely with you, gives you a glimpse of her bra strap just decode her signal!

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