5 Reasons Why Your Wife is Cheating on You

A wife cheating on her husband is not as common an affair, as the husband cheating on his wife. But this is slowly becoming a normal case with more and more women falling prey to extra marital affairs and one night stands. The reason why your wife may cheat you is still a mystery. You may want to unveil it and be prepared so that you can save your relationship from such crisis. So, here are some reasons that would help you explain to yourself why your wife cheated on you. 

Sex Life is Dead
It is always possible that with increased responsibilities physical relations between you and your wife have ceased to exist. Physical relations help keep the spark alive and when it is found dead, a woman might seek for such a relationship with another man. So make sure you have enough space for the two of you to spend some time together and make sure your sex life is secure.

A major reason why your wife may cheat on you is that she is insecure in her relationship with you and thus suffers from a low self-esteem. Not every woman with a low self-esteem will cheat but this may be a possible reason. So make sure you load your wife with compliments and pay good amount of attention towards her.

No Emotional Involvement
You could be tending to her physical needs but a human being is a package deal of physical and emotional needs. A woman more than anyone needs emotional backing at all times. If you don’t provide it in matter of time she will be seeking it outside. It’s human nature. So make sure you fulfil her emotional needs as well and be the supportive partner.

Tenderness Missing
A successful relationship involves compatibility but what makes it better is the tenderness/intimacy. If intimacy goes missing in the relationship it’s a hint that the relationship might just die. So a possible reason why your wife may cheat on you is the missing tenderness from your end which she might go seeking elsewhere. A hug while you go, kissing her tenderly when you reach home, making sure you give her frequent massages are all signs of tenderness which make a woman happy and wanted. So make sure none of this goes missing.

Your wife may remember the time when you broke her trust, not exactly by cheating on her but in some major way that has hurt her enough. Cheating on you with another man could be her way of giving it back to you. So make sure your actions speak that you are sorry to regain her trust.

There could be other reasons as well. You just need to understand the crux of the matter before making any decision. 

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