5 Celebrity Weddings the World Wants to See in 2013

The celeb world is brimming with couples in love; some break up sooner than they got entangled, while some culminate their love by tying the knot. And then there are those few who have created much hullabaloo in the glitz and glamour world with their lovey-dovey images and unflinching love depicted towards each other. But when will these eternally romantic couples ultimately get hitched?
Here are 5 celebrity couples whom the world waits eagerly to see walking down the aisle. 

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

They share one of the most idyllic relationships, having dated each other for seven long years and brought up six beautiful kids. We have had enough of them gracing the red carpets hand in hand, touring the world with their happy extended family, going on shopping sprees and vacations with their little ones and hitting the beaches. They have even got engaged now and it is high time that they walk the altar. Brad has already hinted that the D-day may come next year. 

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