Skin Care for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is sheer bliss and why not, the power of giving life is a reason to feel on top of world. However, just when you see yourself in the mirror and find your skin glow, stop and think! It may not be just the pregnancy glow, but a skin woe suggesting heightened oiliness.

Pregnancy causes a hormonal upheaval inside your body and this shows up on your body and your skin. Right from making your skin oily and acne prone to dry and puffed up, the issues are plenty, but with a little care you can definitely make yourself look like a zillion star. Just follow some routine tips on skin care and make yourself happy.

- It is often believed that chemicals by way of cosmetic and over the counter skin care products get absorbed into the blood stream and often cause harm to the unborn child. To avoid that, try and go organic! Use herbal products or your kitchen counter ingredients to combat your skin woes now.

- Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are as important to you now as it’s when you are not bloating with a baby bump. Skin blotchiness is often a common problem witnessed in pregnant women and you don’t want your face to erupt now, so follow that daily beauty regime. Cleanse your face with cotton dabbed with raw milk, tone it with cucumber juice or rose water and finally moisturize your face with an herbal concocted moisturizer. If need be, then baby lotion can also be used as it’s quite mild.

Using an herbal sunscreen while going out can be good for you. However, if deeply tanned, try using tomato puree with gram’s flour or Aloevera gel to deal with the issue.

- Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to make up for the nutritional requirements of you and your child’s body. Eating healthy will eventually give away a natural glow to your skin.

- Sleep well to relax and restore the lost glow in your skin. This will be very beneficial for you as well as your child.

- The tummy often feels dry as it gets stretched due to bloating. Start using cocoa butter or vitamin E oil or olive oil on you tummy to get rid of the ugly stretch marks. Regular use of the oils during pregnancy will keep the occurrence of marks at minimal.

- Feet also tire easily even when standing for small hours. Try and massage your feet with a foot gel or soak it in water with peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil added to it.

- Breathing exercises are a good way to relax, stay calm and stimulate blood circulation in your body. A healthy blood flow will gradually flush the skin and make it rosy.

Other than these skin care tips, pregnant women also need to know:

Some Don’ts

Avoid certain chemicals like salicylic acid and retinoid as they might harm the child. Most importantly, stay happy as happiness is the short cut to great skin and great mind.

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